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How to save and print a PDF from a link to the Adobe Creative Cloud repository.

HCWE is now storing new publication releases in the Adobe Creative Cloud repository. This has several advantages for subscribers. It means that the PDF can be easily viewed in any browser on any device without the need for Acrobat Reader or an Acrobat browser plugin or extension. This means easy access from mobile devices. In addition, the link for each publication title will remain constant so that any time you access the link you will find the current release of the associated publication. Save the links!

Once you have accessed the link from the publication release email or by pasting the link in your browser location bar, you can freely read the PDF without the need for an Acrobat plugin or extension. However, the link takes you to a web page that displays the contents of the PDF, not the PDF itself. Most browsers cannot print from this link. If you want to save or print the PDF you will need to download the actual file.

To save, view and print the file later you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro installed on your system. You can download and install Acrobat Reader without cost from You may also want to install an Acrobat plugin or extension in your browser so you can save and print the PDF directly from the browser. See your browser settings for options to download and install plugins or extensions. In any case, If you want to keep the PDF for future reference you need to download and save the actual PDF file. Then you can access it at any time with Acrobat Reader or a compatible reader application. The following instructions explain how to do that in detail.

Assuming that you are able to open the publication link in your browser, you can view a short instructional video or just read the instructions below.

Click here to play an instructional video. Tip: You can enlarge the document/video player window in most browsers by holding down the Command or Control + Shift keys while tapping the Plus (+) key on your keyboard.

How to instructions:

  1. From the web page you can read and navigate the PDF content without the need for Acrobat Reader by clicking the pointers near the margins. However, you may not be able to print the document and it is not saved to disk. To do that you need to download the PDF to your browser's web cache.
  2. Move the cursor over the browser window to activate the slide-up ribbon menu at the bottom of the window. In this menu you will see an icon that looks like a cloud with a downward pointing arrow.
  3. Click on the cloud-arrow icon.
    • Clicking the cloud-arrow will download the actual PDF to your web cache. The web cache, however, is a temporary storage location, but now you will be able to save and print the actual PDF.
    • If you have installed an Acrobat plugin or extension and the Acrobat Reader is installed, you will see a pop-up tab that says, “Open in Acrobat.” Clicking this tab will open the PDF in Acrobat Reader. You can then save it to disk.
    • If you do not have an Acrobat plugin or extension the browser should download the actual file to your local Downloads folder. You can then open it directly with Acrobat Reader.
    • Regardless of your configuration you should also be able to download the file by clicking the download (down-arrow-over-horizontal line) icon in the PDF menu bar near the top of the window. This will also anable you to save the actual PDF to disk.
  4. Once the file is saved to disk you can open and print the file at any time using Acrobat or a PDF compatible application.

This note applies to current versions of popular browsers on laptops and desktops. Mobile devices, particularly with older operating systems and browsers, or touch screens may handle PDFs and downloads differently and may not fully support Adobe Document Cloud. In touch-mode you may need to use your onscreen keyboard to navigate. Check your device maker's documentation for details.

If you are a current subscriber and cannot access the most recent release, you may contact us at +1(978)468-4575 or send us a message. We will send you the PDF directly via email.