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HCWE Publications List Builder

How to use this tool

IMPORTANT: In order to view or print the list your browser must allow popup windows on this site. If not allowed, the list will not be displayed. Initially, if popups are not allowed, a warning will be dislayed in your browser - if so, click OK, then re-enter your selection. This will not affect the display of popup windows on any other site.

  1. This tool builds a printable list in a window in your browser from titles in the HCWE publications library.
  2. There are over 3500 publications in the library dating back to 1989. You can select the range for your list from the menu options below. The first non-zero entry will be used to build the list. Note: If no entry is made and the form is submitted, all 3500+ publications will be listed. This will require a lot of paper to print.
  3. The list will be displayed in it's own browser window. From the list window you can use your browser's print option to print the list to paper using a local printer or to a PDF. It is recomended that you use the File/Print menu (CMD+P) instead of the browser's header menu Print button so that you can view a print Preview and make adjustments. The header menu print button uses the default browser print settings which will not likely produce acceptable results. Close the window when you are finished.
  4. To retrieve a publication in PDF, go to Archives page, look up the publication title, sub-title, and/or date and select the desired PDF to download.

Select a range from the options below:

  1. Days: Number of days: 30, 60, 90, 180, 365.
  2. Year: A specific year in form of ####.
  3. Span: A range of years from lowest to highest.

The first non-zero entry will be used. If the form is submitted without a selection ALL plublications will be listed: